6 Best Youth Catcher’s mitt brands!

There are many brands out there and when it comes to choosing the right fit, it can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, we have narrowed it down to the top 6 brands of youth catcher gloves.

Whether this information is for a youth player or a parent, this article is sure to help simplify the task of choosing the right glove.

outh Catcher's mitt brand

  1. Mizuno-

The first brand that will be discussed is Mizuno. It is a great brand for youth catchers to begin with It is a slightly larger glove compared to other brands; however, it is small enough for youth players to use effectively. The additional padding in the palm of the glove makes it easier for catchers to close their mitt; which means your opponents are in trouble! Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt is on of  the best catchers mitt in the world.

  1. Wilson-

Personally, this is one of my favorites. Wilson offers youth catchers a great size glove for a good price. The glove is smaller than the Mizuno gloves, which may make it easier for players to use. Due to the better quality of leather, they are tougher to break-in. If you want a good priced glove that’ll make you feel like you’re a major leaguer than look no further.

  1. Rawlings-

Another good brand for all of you youth catchers out there is Rawlings. These gloves are tough to break-in; however, once they are broken in offer great flexibility. These gloves are slightly more expensive than other brands. The mitt is a perfect fit for many youth players and they come in several colors and sizes. If you’re looking to customize your glove to possibly match your jersey, this could be for you!

  1. Under Armour-

Even though they are new to the baseball market, they produce very good mitts. The leather in their gloves is easy to break in and flexible. Without a doubt they are also the best looking baseball gloves. They are extremely stylish and if you choose an Under Armour glove, you’ll be sure to grab a large amount of attention.

  1. Akadema-


They are also new to the baseball glove scene. These gloves are the most affordable option for any youth play. This is a huge benefit because sporting equipment is very expensive, so when the chance to save money is there; why not take it? It has a low cost and an above average quality. If you don’t care about name brands, this is possibly the best option for a youth catcher’s glove.

  1. Franklin- 

As well as being named after every child’s favorite turtle, Franklin makes quality baseball gloves. They are affordable and very easily broken in Visually, they may not be the best option; however, they are sure to bring your game to the next level. They are also very comfortable. This is important for youth catchers, because happiness comes with comfort.

Overall, the mitt is one of the most important pieces of equipment for youth catchers. Between affordability, quality, style, flexibility, and reliability, it is important to find the perfect match for yourself.

The 6 brands mentioned above are definitely quality gloves that all youth catchers should look at before making their final choice. We hope this review helps all you youngsters that are looking for a new mitt. Play hard!


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